Live life unbridled

Ideal for an active, independent senior – our Elmcroft South building features condo style apartments with full kitchens and in-suite laundry. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of cooking your own meals and living completely independently, with full access to the great amenities and services that Winchester Glen will offer!

With one simple price point that includes all of your utilities, cable TV, Internet access and telephone service – you will find it very easy to adhere to your budget. Should you find yourself in need to some extra support, you can hand pick what you need from a vast list of a la carte services.

Choose to join us in the Dining Room for dinners every day, or only once in a while! Our on site Bistro will offer an array of coffee, tea, sandwiches and soup if you are searching for a more casual eating experience. Living in Elmcroft allows you the flexibility to choose:

  • A permanent meal plan so you don’t have to worry
  • A block of meal tickets for convenience and choice
  • Individual meal tickets for a once in while treat


Come see us in person! Our presentation centre is now open for private appointments.

Imagine a place where your neighbours are your friends, and where at any time you can share a leisurely stroll, a coffee at the Bistro, a night of live entertainment or participate together in the various activities and daily recreation programs we offer.

Winchester Hall will welcome you and provide easy access to all of the amenities.

  • “The Last Furlong” our in house Pub, perfect for Socializing
  • Potting Room for year-round gardening
  • Spa & Wellness Centre with Hairdressing Service
  • In house Market, so you don’t have to leave for essentials
  • Library, Lounge and Activity Rooms
  • Exercise Room and Fitness Centre
Exercise & Fitness for Seniors
Join your friends for daily exercise for fun and fitness!
  • Easy access to the 407
  • Just a few minutes walk to great restaurants, grocery store and shopping.
  • Underground parking – say goodbye to scraping windshields!

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Here are some of the answers to our most frequently asked questions!

Will I be able to bring my pet to live with me at Winchester Glen?

Absolutely.  We understand that pets are beloved members of your family, and we are happy to welcome them to Winchester Glen. We do expect that you will take full responsibility for your pet, feeding, caring and walking them as required. Please ask about our pet policy before bringing your pet to live with you in your new home.

Can I bring my own furniture and personal accessories to decorate my new home?

Yes, we encourage you to do so. It would not be your home if you were not surrounded by your personal treasures. You are welcome to bring your own furniture, pictures, drapes, bed linens, towels, plants, and other items that will make you feel at home.

Can I come and go as I please?

Absolutely you can. For fire and safety purposes, we simply ask that you sign out when leaving and sign back in once you return. The sign out and in book is located at the Front desk. We also encourage your friends and family to sign in and out when visiting.

If you would like to review the full “Frequently Asked Questions” page, please click on the photo above.

Care & Support

Choosing a suite in Elmcroft gives you the best of both worlds. All suites will be equipped with an emergency response system that allows you peace of mind. A la carte care services can be added if and when you need them. Choose a flexible package based on your own unique needs.

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